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Would you like to stock or serve Baker Tom’s Bread?

We supply many restaurants, hotels, cafes, pubs, farm shops, box schemes, caterers, street-food companies and independent retailers, delivering to most postcodes in Cornwall and many in Devon and further afield (Mon – Sat deliveries).

If you are interested in Baker Tom’s  supplying your business, please call 01209 218 989 or email info@bakertom.co.uk.

Behind Baker Tom’s Bread is a team of skilled speciality bakers, who work through the night to handcraft our products. Our bakers shape all our bread by hand before allowing the loaves to rise and prove slowly, which naturally enriches the wholesome flavour. Because of this, our deadline for orders for the next day is 5pm. We need more notice for our long fermented sourdoughs and grand campagnes – the deadline for next day delivery is 10am the day before.

We use only flour, water, yeast and sea salt to make a dough, with no additives, preservatives or improvers added. When required, we use fresh, local, organic ingredients in our flavoured breads, wherever possible. Pre-sliced bread is available.

Please see our product range below. We also bake Christmas and Easter seasonal items.

Please click here for a full list of ingredients and allergens in our products

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