Celebrating our recent win at this year’s Taste of the West Awards

Taste of the West Gold Winner

Tom Hazzledine founder of Baker Tom’s Bread explains that the recent success at this years ‘Taste of the West Awards’ was down to hard work and dedication from his team of skilled bakers and staff.

With an experienced sales manager onboard and a fleet of new vans, Baker Tom’s Bread is being distributed even further afield. “We have worked hard to build a trusted relationship with our wholesale and retail customers, with it becoming increasingly common to see the Baker Tom name on restaurant menus, see our fresh bread in the local corner shop and cafés serving a slice of our classic sourdough with their soup of the day” states Tom. But for Tom and his team, the focus still remains on the loaves. As he puts it: “ We keep things simple so that the bread can be the rising star.” And the bread certainly has been the star for us this spring; winning a Gold Taste of the West Award for our organic white tin loaf and a silver award for the rosemary and sea salt focaccia.

Tom’s aim has always been to make good, wholesome interesting bread that tastes good and is good for you (with no ‘nasties’) – loaves that have been simply made, the way they have been for centuries. From his classic everyday white tin loaf to more unusual speciality recipes, the team here use the same traditional baking techniques that Tom employed in his own kitchen. We experiment with new loaf flavours every season, putting our own Baker Tom twist on it. “With every loaf, you get a feel for the baker’s personality”, Tom explains. With more of our shops and outlets popping up all over the South West, there’s no excuse for your ‘daily bread’ to be anything less than good, wholesome, real bread.